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Editor's Notes - About these unFinished Piano Sonata

Many had asked, why a 'F' in upper case, in un(Finished) piano sonatas? Well, it simply means, It was previous unfinished, now known as un(Finished).

This set of un(Finished) piano sonata fascinates me!

Compositional skills aside, how much passion and sentiment are needed to be self-driven into completing a set of unfinished piano sonatas like these? What kind of spirit is needed to get through the entire process of composition?

There is a tiny yet interesting bit I wish to highlight. On his un(Finished) scores, Crossland had intentionally ended Schubert's writings with a dotted bar line, and all his compositions was penned only after the dotted bar line.

This was done so that all future performers may decide to still perform these sonatas as they used to be, or they may decide to conclude it with Crossland's version.

That said, all scores would soon be on sale on Quarternotez website. Alternatively, feel free to email Quarternotez for more information.

Well yes, back to unfinished, perhaps, I do have an unexplainable sentiment towards unfinished works, especially Franz Schubert's. I clearly recalled the emotional entangle-ment on my very first encounter with Franz Schubert's first movement of Unfinished Symphony No. 8 many many years ago -alternating my mood between strolling on the cloud and walking in the thunderstorm had, for some reasons, touched me so much that I eventually burst into tears. I believed I was then totally unprepared for that repeat-ed back and forth journey between the cheerful melody and the melancholic notes. It was so annoying; yet so beautiful.

Unfinished matters, often acting like a connector, as well as a junction, seem to be putting together what will happen in the future and what had happened in the past. And this could well appear to be so interest-ingly moving - it, on one hand, behaves like an answer; yet on the other hand, leading to more answers.

What happens at this moment could well be the bearing of what had once happened; it could also be the underlying clues and codes for the many many future possible happenings.

Any work of art, whether finished or unfinished, is of value. Unfinished work can sometimes be very enlightening, as it tends to reflect more vividly certain struggle and mental process of the artist and revealed more about the artist's path of experimen-tation.

From unfinished to un(Finished), it is not a replacement, but an option. They contain a unique process of their own, and are charm-ing, in their very own way.

Ler Boon Sin

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Editor's Notes - It is amazing how quickly time has sailed by this year.

In the midst of the global lockdowns and reopening, half a year had quietly slipped past.

I was having a Zoom chat with a group of musician friends during Singapore's circuit break-er, and quite a few of -.hem were rather upset with the lockdown in their own countries.

Every downturn could well be an opportunity in a different way.

A lockdown like this was my very first encounter, but I thought it could also be a good stretch of time for us to replan, restructure, recharge, redistribute ourselves. Also, to further energize, and to further slow down.

Indeed, for most of us. much income was slashed or lost. But to see it in a different light, we also gained time - the time for ourselves and the time with our loved ones.

Time and money are the two elements most artists, musicians inclusive, would have to constantly juggle, to keep themselves on track.

Artists need time to sharpen our skills; yet we also need money to fulfill our dreams. It is often not easy to find a balance. I hence like to take it as - when we work, we earn money; and when we do not work, we earn time. With that in mind, either way things go, we are always on the gain!

All gains come in two recognisable forms - the tangible gain, and the intangible gain.

Every step we take forms a set of footprints in sight. As musicians and artists, such accumu-lation is deciding and very necessary.

We may be clueless in knowing where these footprints would lead us to, but by believing firmly in the positive, it would give us the answer we need and want, when the right timing comes along.

May we all stay well and healthy!

Lee Boon Sin, June 2020

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